Innovation: More than a Buzzword?

Written By Allison Frieden, Account Executive Buzz, buzz, buzz – innovation is a word that’s thrown around all too frequently, especially within integrated marketing agencies. While everyone is striving to be innovative and an innovator, has the word lost its value?   Last week, I went to MITX’s latest Disruptive […]


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Q&A with RJ Bardsley

Racepoint Global’s very own RJ Bardsley, EVP and Global Tech Strategy Lead, writes his second book, The Photographer’s Truth. Peter Prodromou, president of the agency, discusses RJ’s life as both an agency executive and published author. Peter Prodromou: RJ, I think readers would like to know about your background in public […]

Pokémon GO and Evolving Technology

By Cody Sibulo, Assistant Account Executive      What started as an April Fools’ joke in 2014 has now become a global phenomenon. Pokémon GO has captured the attention of diverse audiences – from die-hard fans to prominent news outlets and even political leaders – since its release date on July 6, 2016. Though not the first game […]



The Millennial Myth: A $20K/hour Sham?

By: Ebonie Johnson Cooper, Senior Account Executive Despite what some may have you believe, millennials aren’t that difficult to understand. Although my generation certainly has its own flavor, we’re really not that different than the generations before us. We want to have career success, even if it takes us longer […]

Do the Math: Using Big Data, Cloud & IoT to tell the Story

By Adam Cormier, Account Director Broad generalization: I hate math, so how about a career in PR? Agencies are homes for a truly diverse set of college degrees – our colleagues’ majors differ drastically, from  English and music, to philosophy and – wait for it – engineering majors! To make it in an agency […]

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A Lesson for Marketing on Commitment…from Grey’s Anatomy

Commitment is not just a concept relevant to interpersonal relationships, a word to scare off the Colin Farrell’s of the world, or an inspirational catchphrase for fans of self-help books and 12 step programs. Brands can also learn, benefit and ultimately profit from an important lesson about commitment, and from […]

What I Learned about Business from NBC’s Parks and Recreation

Written by Melanie Salemno, Intern at Racepoint Global NBC’s Parks and Recreation started out as just another series to binge watch in the evenings before bed. As the story line progressed, the political comedy quickly became relatable as the characters advanced in their careers and personal relationships. Amy Poehler stars […]



How Does She Do It All? The Work-Life Balancing Act

Written by Allison Frieden, Account Executive at Racepoint Global It’s not often women can gather to ask honest questions about work-life balance. The traditional 9-5 work week is slowly disappearing as technology makes us more accessible than ever before and employees often obligated to stay connected 24/7. The need to […]