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Are Viral Videos Bad For Our Health? 4

ShareLet me preface this post by saying that in no way am I medical expert or psychiatrist. But it doesn’t take a doctor to realize when something is strange. Viral videos – which many people aspire to create – seem to be having an unnervingly negative affect on some people’s health. In July Newsweek published a cover […]



Why the Kony Campaign Isn’t Corny 6

ShareThis is a guest post by Mandy Miller. Follow her on Twitter at @MandyMayM. Remember the “Live Under a Rock? Geico commercial? Well, in case you do live under a boulder, you may be wondering what this Kony business is about. Naturally, it stirs larger political and foreign relations and policy debates, but you have […]

US Soldiers Use YouTube To Get Delta’s Attention 2

Share Everyone hates paying extra money to check a bag when flying, but a group of US soldiers returning home from Afghanistan recently were particularly irked. According to the soldiers, the US Army has an agreement with Delta in place where they can check 4 bags (Delta claims the 4 bag policy was for first […]

Smartphone Slayer Thrashes Flip Cam 1

ShareThis morning Gizmodo reported that Cisco has “axed the Flip cam.” The Flip video camera has been a great companion to many a PR professional at trade shows, conferences, industry events and for one-on-one Q&As. A moment of silence, please. Jenna Wortham, a tech reporter for the New York Times, reacted via her Twitter account […]



Viral Videos 101 [INFOGRAPHIC] 3

ShareEvery PR/Marketing person dreams of being the genius mind behind a successful viral video. In 2011 content creation is king and producing an entertaining and informative video to raise brand awareness is a high priority for any PR/Marketing team. Enter this superb infographic posted by Mashable. Seriously, superb. There are several valuable statistics illustrated here […]

Skype Gets Friendly 14

ShareThis morning Leena Rao reported for Tech Crunch that Skype has launched Skype 5.0 with new features, most signifcantly, intergration with Facebook. While Skype has become the standard go-to for video calling, there was no social aspect to the service. Rao described the new integration: “After logging in via Facebook Connect, you’ll be able to […]



Gone Fishing: Catfish 14

Share Early this week Universal Pictures invited RaceTalk to attend a private screening of the documentary “Catfish.” Given our extensive coverage of social media, and particularly Facebook, the studio felt we were the perfect viewers. The film follows a young, New York City based photographer, Yaniv “Nev” Shulman as he forms relationships with a family […]