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Racepoint Group Launching Racepoint 440 for Small and Emerging Companies

Share One of the things we love most is the entrepreneurial spirit that so many small and emerging businesses have. This spirit is crucial to drive innovation and creativity, and in a world where a new product or service can become popular overnight, it’s more important than ever. With this […]

RPG 440 runners

Start-ups & Innovation: The Key to an Economic Recovery? 7

Share Steve Lohr of the New York Times took an interesting look over the weekend at the unique role that start-ups can play in helping the economic recovery. While many people believe small businesses are the key to stabilizing the economy and creating jobs, new research indicates that the age […]

Will Silicon Alley Grow Out of the Valley’s Shadow? 5

Share Some folks I talk to still despise the “Silicon Alley” term to describe the New York technology scene. The connotation that New York City’s second fiddle, technology innovation only occurs in the “alleys” of the Flatiron District is outdated and inaccurate in their eyes. Others, obviously embrace what the […]


Andreessen: Start-ups Not in the Valley are 3 – 9 Months Behind 2

Share Marc Andreessen,  co-founder and general partner of the newly formed VC house Andreessen Horowitz, was one of the highlights of day 1 at Brainstorm: TECH. The current Fortune cover subject, and former TIME cover boy, drew laughs from the audience for comparing the former IBM to the former Soviet […]

Peter Kafka Leaves SAI to Join Kara & Walt at All Things Digital 2

Share By Kyle Austin Rupert Murdoch’s Dow Jones digital unit (AKA: Kara Swisher, Walt Mossberg & All Things Digital) got their New York beachhead in prying away Peter Kafka from the Silicon Alley Insider and Henry Blodget yesterday afternoon. Blodget broke the news with a post yesterday evening which tongue-in-cheek’ly implied […]

Monday Media Mailbag: Hellos & Goodbyes

Share By Kyle Austin Goodbye DKNY: In my interview with David Kirkpatrick (or DKNY as some of his Fortune colleagues call him), leading up to Brainstorm:TECH, we touched on the leave he’s going on for his upcoming book The Facebook Effect. Last Friday Kirkpatrick published his final Fast Forward column, ending its […]

As VC’s Go Green: Venture Backed IPO’s Hit 30 Year Low

Share By Kyle Austin While technology start-ups still point to the general weakness of financial markets as the reasoning behind not going public; new findings by the National Venture Capital Association may indicate a larger trend in where VC’s are allocating their investors’ dollars. As Matt Richtel of the New […]

RIP MicroHoo!: Yang & Board High-Five as Stock Nosedives

Share By Kyle Austin While some of us were enjoying a nice little Saturday (A trip to Home Depot to get some wall paper, maybe a stop at Bed Bath & Beyond), Steve Ballmer and Jerry Yang were working OT to get the Microsoft and Yahoo! deal done. However, a […]