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CES Roundup, Part 1: Innovation on your Expectation

SharePeople say that if you haven’t been to the Consumer Electronic Show in Las Vegas, you never quite understand the craziness — and they’re right. Nonetheless, we still wanted to know, “What is CES really like,” so we sent Racepoint Global Account Executive Agnes Zhao to be the eyes and ears for those who didn’t […]

Eye Lock

Of the Big Four, Facebook Is the Most Trusted Review Platform

ShareThis blog, written by Brittany Falconer, was originally featured on the Publicity Club of New England’s blog. Brittany is an account executive at Racepoint Group and served a guest blogger for the Pub Club. I have to admit it seems weird typing “Facebook” and “Most Trusted” in the same statement, considering all the flack Facebook […]



Know Your Audience – and Know How They Get Their News

ShareThis post was originally featured on Racepoint Group’s State of Engagement blog  It’s easy – and true – to claim that an ever growing number of people are looking to social media as a primary way of getting news. What’s not as easy, however, is predicting just how to make sure the audience you want […]

The Digital Marketer

ShareThis post was originally featured on Racepoint Europe’s Comms Talk blog “If the first thing a business person does when starting a new venture is build a website, then he will fail.” The words of our Chairman, Larry Weber, speaking at the Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford event yesterday on the topic of his new […]

Forget Best Practices, Just Tell Really Great Stories: Three Simple Rules for Excellent Storytelling

ShareThe following post was written by Lindsay LeCain and Theresa Masnik, Racepoint Group Account Executives. Connect with Lindsay and Theresa on Twitter. Last week, in the bowels of the Boston Public Library, PR Newswire presented a half-day session on the importance of “Employing Visual Content for Compelling Storytelling.” One of the presenters, Andrew Davis (@TPLDrew), […]