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Our Racepoint Global Internship: What We Learned

ShareBy: Tia Dabney and JJ Sindhusake Shaping how an organization is perceived by the public has always peaked each of our interests, and it’s what drew us both to public relations and public affairs. Before our internship at Racepoint DC, we assumed a team of writers just produced content for people […]


ShareBy Kassidy Johnson and Andra Searles We frequently see effective campaigns in the work that we do, but never before have we seen social media platforms prove to be so compelling to direct social and political change. We’re seeing now the beginning of what has been dubbed an era of […]


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SharePRSA Boston 2015 Predictions: Do Goldfish Really Have a Longer Attention Span Than Humans? Average attention span: a human… eight seconds. A goldfish…nine seconds. Thank you so much, Peter Prodromou, President, Racepoint Global, and team for hosting the PRSA Boston 2015 Predictions event on January 15. You seemed like such […]

8 Years of Twitter, 5 Keys to Excellence

Shareby Zach Friedman It took Twitter two years to reach its billionth tweet. Today it takes two days. In its first eight years, Twitter has fundamentally changed the way we communicate and share information – it allows information to travel so fast that the U.S. Geological Survey now uses the […]


Can Princeton’s Prediction of Facebook’s Decline Really Come True?

ShareFirst, Princeton University researchers released a study saying Facebook would lose 80% of its users by 2015-2017. Facebook responded by discrediting Princeton with a study of their own that shows Princeton would lose all of its students by 2021. While the Princeton study has proven to be flawed, we were left […]

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Out With the Old, In With the Blue: Racepoint Global’s New Look and Feel

ShareWe are thrilled to announce today the official launch of Racepoint Global, formerly known Racepoint Group. This rebrand directly reflects our view of the fast changing needs of our clients. After working closely with leading global brands, emerging companies, governments and policy makers, we saw an evolving need for a […]