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We Love Ads, Oh Yes, We Do 1

ShareThis is a guest post from Dan Walsh, an Account Executive at Racepoint Group. Follow him on Twitter @DanWalshed. “If you ever watch somebody reading a copy of Vanity Fair, they spend as much time looking at the ads as they spend looking at the content,” Mr. Grueskin said, “because […]

New York Times Subscription Model Successful – For Now 1

ShareAfter launching a new subscription model on March 28th, the New York Times has reportedly sold 100,000 digital subscriptions over the past three weeks. While this is a very positive start for the NYT, it’s possible these numbers were aided thanks to a significant discount offered to readers: 99 cents […]


Smartphone Slayer Thrashes Flip Cam 1

ShareThis morning Gizmodo reported that Cisco has “axed the Flip cam.” The Flip video camera has been a great companion to many a PR professional at trade shows, conferences, industry events and for one-on-one Q&As. A moment of silence, please. Jenna Wortham, a tech reporter for the New York Times, […]

New York Times Paywall Won’t Stop Free Views 4

Share  Last week the New York Times announced a new subscription model that would effectively put up a paywall for many users. Under this new system, people that aren’t subscribed to are able to view 20 articles a month (that are subscriber-only) for free, before being blocked from reading […]

Even if you aren't subscribed to the NYT, you'll be able to access their content for free through Facebook posts (like this one)

What You’re Really Paying For With A Super Bowl Ad 3

ShareThis morning during my commute I was listening to @MattyShow (Kiss 108’s morning show, Matty in the Morning) and DJ Matt Siegel was asking his staff why all of these businesses are paying big bucks for Super Bowl ads and giving it all away the week before the broadcast? Siegel […]



New York Times Moving Towards Full Print & Digital Integration 4

Share The New York Times took a major positive step today in the integration between their print and digital properties by removing their Social Media Editor position. While this may sound backwards at first, it’s actually a sign that the NYT has adopted social media and is embracing today’s media […]