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Our Racepoint Global Internship: What We Learned

ShareBy: Tia Dabney and JJ Sindhusake Shaping how an organization is perceived by the public has always peaked each of our interests, and it’s what drew us both to public relations and public affairs. Before our internship at Racepoint DC, we assumed a team of writers just produced content for people […]



Comcast, Netflix and the Implications on the Future of Media

ShareContributed by Peter Prodromou, President, Racepoint Global The prediction of the catastrophic decline of television has always seemed a little shrill and frantic. Pure social media players have spent the past decade maligning this 80-year-old medium, even as networks have managed to drive up ad prices by more skillfully than ever […]

The Media Blitz: Healthcare Ruling Sparks Confusion 22

ShareBy Sam Hamilton (@SamJHamilton) I’ve been known to, on occasion, overzealously hit “tweet” too soon. I haven’t reread my message and there will be some verb confusion, a missing link or an incorrect username. Thankfully, my 311 loyal followers don’t seem to follow me close enough to screenshot my mistakes […]

Again: oops.

Conquering Capitol Hill, 140 Characters at a Time 21

ShareBy Brent Carney, @BrentRCarney Social media has become the norm on the campaign trail, and is quickly becoming entrenched on Capitol Hill. Members of Congress and their staffers alike have taken to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and any number of other social media sites to interact with constituents, sway public opinion and […]

Prometheus Goes Viral 6

ShareThis is a guest post by Evan Siff. Follow him on Twitter @Stairway2Evan. While everyone is drooling over the recently released Hunger Games, I really couldn’t care less, as I have already seen it many years ago when it was called the Running Man (Katniss would never have made it […]


It's time to vote for SXSWi 2012!

Honor Your Civic Duty and Vote… for SXSW ’12 3

Share It’s that time of year, again: where the SXSW Interactive 2012 PanelPicker is open for public voting! For those of you who are already versed in the innovative, educational treasure trove that is SXSW, I don’t think I need to expound any further. For the rest of you, read […]