Should Coca Cola reconsider its content marketing strategy with Journey?

ShareThis post was contributed by Kevin Green, EVP, Global Digital Strategy and Partnerships at Racepoint Global. I recently read a fascinating article on the Coca Cola Journey brand journalism site.  The author suggests that the low engagement around the content on the site signals a failure and that Coke should reconsider their […]

Screenshot of the Coca Cola Journey page.


Larry Weber on Today’s Racepoint Group and Digital Influence Group Agencies Integration

Share Today, I’m very excited to announce the integration of Racepoint Group and Digital Influence Group, which are coming  together to create a global, full services communications agency (please see release for details). The blending of agencies is effective immediately and the integrated agency will operate as Racepoint Group and […]

The Media Blitz: Healthcare Ruling Sparks Confusion 22

ShareBy Sam Hamilton (@SamJHamilton) I’ve been known to, on occasion, overzealously hit “tweet” too soon. I haven’t reread my message and there will be some verb confusion, a missing link or an incorrect username. Thankfully, my 311 loyal followers don’t seem to follow me close enough to screenshot my mistakes […]

Again: oops.

Conquering Capitol Hill, 140 Characters at a Time 21

ShareBy Brent Carney, @BrentRCarney Social media has become the norm on the campaign trail, and is quickly becoming entrenched on Capitol Hill. Members of Congress and their staffers alike have taken to Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and any number of other social media sites to interact with constituents, sway public opinion and […]

March 6, 2012: #AskVan! Meet Todd Van Hoosear 32

ShareAlmost a year ago, we hosted our first RaceTalk tweet-sourced interview with local Twitter legend @BostonTweet. The premise was simple: we asked him a few questions, then we asked him some of yours using the hashtag #AskBostonTweet. The results were definitely interesting (and perhaps a little amusing), to say the […]

We Asked You to #AskBostonTweet, and @BostonTweet Answered 3

ShareRaceTalk was lucky enough to catch mild-mannered Tom O’Keefe (better known as the legendary @BostonTweet) in between burritos and assorted Boston goings-on and convinced him to chat with us for a spell to talk about his Twitterlebrity status, social media in Boston, and some other Tom Trivia. Prior to our […]

What’s in the Cards for Tech’s New Free Agents 5

ShareThis is a guest post from Dan Walsh, Account Executive in Racepoint Group’s Waltham office. Follow him on Twitter @DanWalshed. Natali Morris’s announcement yesterday that she’ll be leaving CNET at the end of April was certainly surprising. Not so much because a popular reporter was leaving an influential news site […]



McLean and Nocera Dance with the Devils 6

Share Two weeks ago RaceTalk was offered the opportunity to read an advanced copy of the book “All the Devils are Here” which is co-written by Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera. We were immediately intrigued given both authors’ extensive history covering business and management in the media. Bethany McLean is […]