Facebook & Google Launching Deal Offers 2

Share Over the past week (and most recently yesterday), both Facebook and Google have announced that they have set up deal offers and will soon be launching their platforms in select cities (mostly on the west coast). Google’s deal launch comes after a failed attempt to acquire Groupon, and Facebook […]


Google Helps American Media Come Out of the Knight 5

Share This is a guest post by Anne Potts, Senior Vice President, Racepoint Group. The mid-term elections give us a chance to take a hard look at the health of our democracy and the direction of public discourse.  The consolidation of the journalistic voice brought about by media mergers and […]



Gone Fishing: Catfish 14

Share Early this week Universal Pictures invited RaceTalk to attend a private screening of the documentary “Catfish.” Given our extensive coverage of social media, and particularly Facebook, the studio felt we were the perfect viewers. The film follows a young, New York City based photographer, Yaniv “Nev” Shulman as he […]


Twitter Edges Out Yahoo! and Bing in Online Search Game 12

ShareIn a recent blog post, Socialnomics author Erik Qualman shared updated figures on Twitter’s presence in the online search game. Twitter has officially edged out Yahoo! and Bing in number of monthly searches. See graphic below: At the Aspen Ideas Festival, Twitter founder Biz Stone shared that Twitter now has […]