Bethany McLean Talks Financial Crisis, Investigative Journalism & Jon Stewart 4

Share This week I interviewed Bethany McLean, co-author of the newly released book, All The Devils Are Here. As you may remember, Bethany is the one who broke open the Enron story in 2001 when she was working at Fortune, and followed up her groundbreaking story with a book on […]



McLean and Nocera Dance with the Devils 6

Share Two weeks ago RaceTalk was offered the opportunity to read an advanced copy of the book “All the Devils are Here” which is co-written by Bethany McLean and Joe Nocera. We were immediately intrigued given both authors’ extensive history covering business and management in the media. Bethany McLean is […]

Guess Who is Hiring a Social Media Manager? 6

Share Of all the companies looking for a fearless leader to head their social media operations, I have to say this company is an unlikely choice. Not only do they dominate their primary industry, but they’ve branched out into several new frontiers on what seems like a weekly basis. Who […]



Jon Stewart’s Daily Show Rags on “Appholes” 9

ShareRaceTalk posted on Tuesday about the Apple/Gizmodo conflict involving a break in at the home of Gizmodo editor Brian Chen to recover an iPhone prototype. Jon Stewart of the Daily Show’s take on the situation (which aired last night) is a hilarious, sound bite filled segment titled “Appholes.” Philip Elmer-DeWitt […]

Cops Seize Gizmodo Computers as iPhone Saga Rolls On 7

Share The iPhone-leak saga rolled on today as news broke that the home of Gizmodo editor Brian Chen was raided by California’s Rapid Enforcement Allied Computer Team (REACT – couldn’t make this name up) last Friday night. According to Chen’s account of the story, the team broke down his front […]



What the F8? Understanding Facebook’s Expansion 7

ShareYesterday in San Francisco Facebook founder and CEO Mark Zuckerberg rolled out some big plans for his baby at the company’s 8th developer conference, f8. After combing through all the tech round ups, here are the major take aways: Facebook global domination, one thumbs up at a time: The most […]

SXSW: GPS Geek Fest 5

Share Today is the first day of the annual South by Southwest (SXSW) conference in Austin, TX. From all corners of the earth musicians, film makers and techies join forces for a week of round the clock events and celebrations. This year, taking center stage on the tech side are […]