Racepoint Talks Clean Tech and Social Media 6

ShareContributed by Joy Engel This morning, WIRED magazine’s Alexis Madrigal and Michael Kanellos of Greentech Media joined W2 Chairman Larry Weber in a panel discussion co-hosted by Racepoint San Francisco and Digital Influence Group on “Powering Clean Tech with Social Media.” Despite the early hour, the panelists jumped right in, […]

Larry Weber, Alexis Madrigal, Michael Kanellos

Marc Gunther on Google Ventures, Detroit’s Newspapers, Shai Agassi and Li Lu (Part 2) 6

Share Marc’s appearance on Charlie Rose back in 2006 This is the second part of our conversation with Marc Gunther, which took place on Tuesday. Part 1 can be found here. RaceTalk: Marc, I noticed one company speaking at Brainstorm: Green is Better Place. I also caught that you’ve written […]

Marc Gunther on Leaving Fortune, Brainstorm:Green 09, Bill Ford and IBM’s Smarter Planet (Part 1) 9

Share I was shocked (as was everyone else at Racepoint) last December when I found out that Marc Gunther was being let go from Fortune. At the time, Gunther had been with the magazine for more than 12 years. During that time he penned cover stories on the greening of […]