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Oh Praise Be, Facebook Emotions Let Me Say I’m Eating Ice Cream

ShareThis morning upon logging into Facebook, I was greeted with the following status at the top of my news feed: I’m used to seeing statuses about my friends’ dogs urinating, not urinating, wearing sunglasses, and getting dog-shamed. I don’t mind it – in fact I usually find it at the very least amusing. What I’m […]

Facebook Status

Old Spice Debuts Muscle Music Videos 4

Share Old Spice is at it again, with another brilliant video campaign. This time, instead of personalizing YouTube videos, they’ve made “muscle music video” in which former NFL player and actor, Terry Crews, makes instruments play by flexing his muscles. The cool part of this campaign comes after the video is over, when viewers take control. By […]

#FAIL: Celeb Boutique Should Quit the Internet (Aurora Insensitivity) 15

ShareIn the “What the $&#% Were You Thinking?!” Category, Twitter is exploding over an insensitive tweet from @CelebBoutique, who tried to capitalize on the last night’s shootings in Colorado: Bad idea, Celeb Boutique. Taking advantage of trending topics is great, when mass violence isn’t involved. Ignorance? Carelessness? Who knows. The reactions from the Twittersphere have […]

More apologies from @CelebBoutique

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Racepoint Labs: Facebook’s Take at Managing Brand Pages 3

ShareBy Sam Hamilton (@samjhamilton) Being tied to a desk is painful, but in the world of social media community management it’s basically a death sentence. Social media is meant to be an instantaneous platform, allowing brands the unique opportunity to address their customers concerns in real-time. Because of this, being able to manage your brands […]

New Balance’s Challenging Boston Marathon Marketing Campaign 8

Share Every year when the B.A.A. Boston Marathon occurs, it put’s Boston-based New Balance in an awkward position. Even though they’re located in Brighton, MA, just a mile or two from the Boston Marathon course, they are not the official sponsor of the race. That title belongs to Adidas, who benefits by selling official merchandise to tens […]

Boston Marathon


Prometheus Goes Viral 6

ShareThis is a guest post by Evan Siff. Follow him on Twitter @Stairway2Evan. While everyone is drooling over the recently released Hunger Games, I really couldn’t care less, as I have already seen it many years ago when it was called the Running Man (Katniss would never have made it past Subzero). However, being a […]