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Technology as the New Canvas for Digital Storytelling – Three Perspectives

Share A few weeks ago, I had the opportunity to attend the Engage Digital Storytelling conference in NYC on behalf of Racepoint Group’s Digital Consumer Practice. This full-day event was studded with top executives from HBO, MTV, Esquire Magazine, Facebook, Buzzfeed and many more awesomely relevant brands. While waiting for the event […]

Engage Digital Storytelling Stage

Facebook Status

Oh Praise Be, Facebook Emotions Let Me Say I’m Eating Ice Cream

ShareThis morning upon logging into Facebook, I was greeted with the following status at the top of my news feed: I’m used to seeing statuses about my friends’ dogs urinating, not urinating, wearing sunglasses, and getting dog-shamed. I don’t mind it – in fact I usually find it at the […]

More apologies from @CelebBoutique

#FAIL: Celeb Boutique Should Quit the Internet (Aurora Insensitivity) 15

ShareIn the “What the $&#% Were You Thinking?!” Category, Twitter is exploding over an insensitive tweet from @CelebBoutique, who tried to capitalize on the last night’s shootings in Colorado: Bad idea, Celeb Boutique. Taking advantage of trending topics is great, when mass violence isn’t involved. Ignorance? Carelessness? Who knows. The […]

Racepoint Labs: Facebook’s Take at Managing Brand Pages 3

ShareBy Sam Hamilton (@samjhamilton) Being tied to a desk is painful, but in the world of social media community management it’s basically a death sentence. Social media is meant to be an instantaneous platform, allowing brands the unique opportunity to address their customers concerns in real-time. Because of this, being […]

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