C-Suite Conversations with GE

ShareBy Adam Cormier, Account Director Last week, I had the honor of attending PRSA Boston’s C-Suite Conversation with Deirdre Latour, Chief Communications Officer at GE. Held at the Non-Profit Center, Ms. Latour spoke to packed room of Boston communicators that were interested in meeting GE’s top PR practitioner and hear […]


Our Racepoint Global Internship: What We Learned

ShareBy: Tia Dabney and JJ Sindhusake Shaping how an organization is perceived by the public has always peaked each of our interests, and it’s what drew us both to public relations and public affairs. Before our internship at Racepoint DC, we assumed a team of writers just produced content for people […]




ShareBy Kassidy Johnson and Andra Searles We frequently see effective campaigns in the work that we do, but never before have we seen social media platforms prove to be so compelling to direct social and political change. We’re seeing now the beginning of what has been dubbed an era of […]

The Breakfast Club: Learnings from AdClub’s CMO Breakfast Series with Staples

ShareBy Brigid Sweeney, Senior Associate, Global Marketing & Business Development Yesterday, a few colleagues and I attended the Ad Club’s CMO Breakfast Series, a thought leadership platform for CMO’s of top global brands to share insights and branding expertise. During this event, Staples’ Executive Vice President of Global Marketing for […]