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Our Racepoint Global Internship: What We Learned

ShareBy: Tia Dabney and JJ Sindhusake Shaping how an organization is perceived by the public has always peaked each of our interests, and it’s what drew us both to public relations and public affairs. Before our internship at Racepoint DC, we assumed a team of writers just produced content for people to read. Little did we […]




ShareBy Kassidy Johnson and Andra Searles We frequently see effective campaigns in the work that we do, but never before have we seen social media platforms prove to be so compelling to direct social and political change. We’re seeing now the beginning of what has been dubbed an era of “hashtag activism.” As digital marketers […]

The Breakfast Club: Learnings from AdClub’s CMO Breakfast Series with Staples

ShareBy Brigid Sweeney, Senior Associate, Global Marketing & Business Development Yesterday, a few colleagues and I attended the Ad Club’s CMO Breakfast Series, a thought leadership platform for CMO’s of top global brands to share insights and branding expertise. During this event, Staples’ Executive Vice President of Global Marketing for Staples, Frank Bifulco provided the […]



What the Gemalto Hack Means for Consumers

ShareAs you may have seen this morning, the news that Gemalto was hacked in 2010 has surfaced pretty rapidly. While some may not know who Gemalto is, the hack is certainly a big deal for businesses and consumers alike. Gemalto is a chip maker specializing in SIM cards and similar payment technology, such as EMV […]

The Difference Design Can Make

ShareThis guest post was contributed by Crystal Witter, intern at Racepoint Global. On January 15, Racepoint Global announced a new name and logo – a final step in the Racepoint Group and Digital Influence Group integration (the integration was announced in July 2013).  As any company grows, naturally its goals and talents evolve with it. […]


Credit: Facebook

Can Princeton’s Prediction of Facebook’s Decline Really Come True?

ShareFirst, Princeton University researchers released a study saying Facebook would lose 80% of its users by 2015-2017. Facebook responded by discrediting Princeton with a study of their own that shows Princeton would lose all of its students by 2021. While the Princeton study has proven to be flawed, we were left wondering, “Could it be true? […]