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The Beyoncé Lip-synching Controversy: Why Do We Care So Much?

ShareThis is a guest post by Liz Iannotti. By now, if you haven’t heard about what some are calling the “lip-synch-gate,” I would be quite surprised. In the few days since the presidential inauguration where Beyoncé either did or did not lip-synch (jury is still out), the news has spilled over from US Weekly and […]

Old Man and the YouTube 7

ShareThis is a guest post by Marcus LaRobardiere. On more than one occasion I’ve been called an old man, which is not entirely true- I’m only 23-years-old – but I do and always have had, a few habits/tendencies that beg to differ. For instance, on Saturday mornings, instead of watching cartoons like the rest of the kids […]


Much Ado About Pheed 25

ShareThis is a guest post by Nate Towne. Follow him on Twitter at @Fancy_Lad. You may be seeing a lot of buzz regarding Pheed, the new “Twitter Killer” that launched on October 1st – it looks and acts a lot like Twitter, but gives users (a.k.a. Pheeders) the option to share content for free or at […]