Molly Galler

Smartphone Slayer Thrashes Flip Cam 1

ShareThis morning Gizmodo reported that Cisco has “axed the Flip cam.” The Flip video camera has been a great companion to many a PR professional at trade shows, conferences, industry events and for one-on-one Q&As. A moment of silence, please. Jenna Wortham, a tech reporter for the New York Times, […]



Curtain Call for NYC Ballet Tweets 2

Share This morning the Wall Street Journal reported that the New York City Ballet plans to enforce a social media policy for all employees – administrative and artistic – to regulate how they use social media channels. The ballet has a refined reputation and recently 24 year old, ballet dancer […]

LivingSocial Goes To The Movies 4

ShareLast Sunday during the broadcast of the Academy Awards I couldn’t help but notice several commercials for the group buying service, LivingSocial. I found this interesting as Groupon, one of LivingSocial’s largest competitors, put major ad spent behind a series of Super Bowl commercials that wound up offending viewers and […]


@CharlieSheen Takes Lemons, Makes Twitter Lemonade 5

ShareFor the past two weeks, infamous Hollywood playboy Charlie Sheen has been dominating headlines with his, how can I put this discreetly . . . “questionable” behavior. Given the recent developments in his personal life, his professional career hangs in the balance. Rather than make a gesture of goodwill, Sheen […]

What You’re Really Paying For With A Super Bowl Ad 3

ShareThis morning during my commute I was listening to @MattyShow (Kiss 108’s morning show, Matty in the Morning) and DJ Matt Siegel was asking his staff why all of these businesses are paying big bucks for Super Bowl ads and giving it all away the week before the broadcast? Siegel […]



Viral Videos 101 [INFOGRAPHIC] 3

ShareEvery PR/Marketing person dreams of being the genius mind behind a successful viral video. In 2011 content creation is king and producing an entertaining and informative video to raise brand awareness is a high priority for any PR/Marketing team. Enter this superb infographic posted by Mashable. Seriously, superb. There are […]