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The Importance of Social Media During Tragedies

ShareWhen last week’s horrific events occurred in Boston, people who were at the marathon (or in the Boston area) were flooded with calls, texts and messages, asking if they were safe. During this time I was driving home from the Marathon with my wife, who had finished the race, and she spent the entire car ride answering […]

Panel: Healthcare Marketing, Regulation and Privacy 8

ShareIndividuals enter the healthcare system not when they arrive at the ER or doctor’s office, but rather the moment they enter a malady into their Google search box. With the expectation for immediate information, the patient’s perceived knowledge begins to expand – however is this good, helpful or really just the tone for an emotional […]

Friday Flash 12/7 2

ShareWelcome to your Friday Flash—your insight into the ever-changing world of social. Unfriend Facebook’s New Algorithm How are you dealing with the new brand streams? It’s the Measurement My Friend Facebook launches conversion measurement tool Pinterest Brand Options Exciting new ways for brands to leverage Pinterest Are You Plistening to Me? Pinterest + Mobile + […]

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Israel and Hamas Fighting Extends to Social Media 2

Share The fighting between Israel and Hamas isn’t just taking place on the ground anymore. It’s taking place on social media. In a way to inform and control messages, Twitter handles for the IDF and Hamas are providing real-time updates about attacks, damage and what they’ve been able to stop. An array of other social channels […]

Friday Flash 20

ShareThis is the first in a new series for RaceTalk. In the Friday Flash, we’ll be summarizing what happened in the social media world. So, grab your coffee and muffin and enjoy this week’s installment.  The Votes are In: Twitter Real Winner in Election Twitter stays up during busiest social media night—20M Tweets What’s Your […]