Celebrating #rampupthered

Contributed by Racepoint London Client Director, Laura Larsen.

Created by the British Heart Foundation, ‘Ramp Up The Red’ day is designed to raise funding for heart research and awareness of the UK’s biggest killer, coronary heart disease. Around 2.7m people already live with the condition here in the UK and with sedentary lifestyles, increasing obesity and an ageing population, the devastating situation is only going to get worse.

To mark the day, I decided to take a moment to appreciate some of the incredible medical technologies that have been so vital to patients suffering from heart conditions, not least SynCardia’s Total Artificial Heart (used by someone I know!). This incredible device is worn outside the body and completely replaces the failing heart ventricles and valves of patients suffering from biventricular heart failure. It is an important bridge for those awaiting a heart transplant.

At Racepoint, and throughout my career, I have had the opportunity to work with a number of companies at the forefront of cardiology solutions. A few years back I had the pleasure of working with Cardiac Science to promote its Automated External Defibrillator, a portable electronic device used to rapidly treat victims of sudden cardiac arrest.

And more recently, you may have heard of the first patient in the UK to receive a first-of-its-kind Nanostim leadless pacemaker at Barts Health NHS Trust. The device, developed by our Minnesota-based client St Jude Medical, is less than 10 percent of the size of a conventional pacemaker and can be inserted through the femoral (thigh) vein in just a few minutes! 77-year-old patient Maureen McLeave had been battling persistent atrial fibrillation for a decade to the point her heart would stop beating for up to five seconds at a time. This technology changed her life.

Our story appeared in most of the nationals including the Mail on Sunday, Daily Mail, BBC London News, BBC Online and more… but what I found most rewarding was the enthusiasm expressed by other patients who had learned about the technology and were praising this device across the web.

In the spirit of #RampUpTheRed, and to honour those companies who are putting so much resource into developing these life-saving devices, the team here at Racepoint Europe wore red, baked red and raised some money along the way.IMG_8710


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