The Difference Design Can Make

This guest post was contributed by Crystal Witter, intern at Racepoint Global.

On January 15, Racepoint Global announced a new name and logo – a final step in the Racepoint Group and Digital Influence Group integration (the integration was announced in July 2013).  As any company grows, naturally its goals and talents evolve with it. So capturing the perfect appeal that reflects the brand can be a challenge. Our creative team worked long and hard, and with the help of a global internal branding committee, created a unique look that embodies our talent and culture, as one.

Here’s a look at Racepoint’s aesthetic history:




Rebranding isn’t throwing out the old; it’s about change and looking to the future. The new Racepoint Global logo symbolizes a unified marketing services agency that embraces the future of marketing.

Proactive rebranding is not only helpful but necessary as it generates attention while visually refocusing brand identity.

Take Starbucks for example:



The new logo is cleaner, only sustaining the brand’s backbone. Consistency and uniformity was priority, unveiling the rebranded image with the same mascot and color scheme. This was beneficial choice for Starbucks because it has become an icon for gourmet coffee all over the world.

A more drastic change:


Sure, the multi-colored rainbow fruit reflected the 1970’s well. It was a decade of prints and extravagant color and presentation. Apple took a dramatic turn in their 1990’s logo – Opaque black to embody a classic and timeless scheme to open up with unpredictable millennium. And jumping to the company’s most recent logo is still opaque but includes a gradient – This connotes a metallic texture that compliments the technology age.

Rebranding needs to be meaningful and collective. Its importance cannot be overlooked or underestimated. “$1.1 trillion of sales in 2013 were “Web-Influenced.” The power of visual appeal is at its highest and in the current business world, what separates success from mediocrity is performance and appearance.

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