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“If the first thing a business person does when starting a new venture is build a website, then he will fail.”

The words of our Chairman, Larry Weber, speaking at the Silicon Valley Comes to Oxford event yesterday on the topic of his new book, The Digital Marketer: Ten New Skills You Must Learn to Stay Relevant and Consumer Centric.

Today’s consumer is bored of generic websites with their landing pages and standard buttons ‘About Us’, ‘Products and Services’ etc.  Digital marketing today is all about personalized, targeted information disseminated through micro sites and online communities that are relevant only to a small group of people. That’s why Larry believes that Facebook will eventually fail.  Nobody wants or needs to be connected to 40 million people.  It is trying to be all things to all people and it can’t be that.

Essentially Larry sees marketing as “the influence of opinion through content.” The impact of the content comes through the way it is distributed and then amplified by people who engage with it, which is where Twitter comes in.

Big data and the insights it brings is going to change the way that marketers operate, but the challenge is interpreting and using this data in the right way.

The ultimate challenge for any marketer today is to create a digital environment where people want to go in the first place and then make them want to stay there. How? Visual content. Yes, content is still king, but only if it is NOT heavily based on text, but rich in video, images and animation.

Want to know more?  Read his book!  Now available on Amazon.

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