Google Finishes Our Thoughts…Especially about NFL Quarterbacks

You know how Google always seems to know what you’re looking for, even before you’ve finished typing in your search query? Whether you’re trying to find a hip restaurant, popular website or breaking news story, Google’s Autocomplete function seemingly reads your mind. Literally finishing your sentences (and more oftentimes, phrases), Google seeks to make the search process more quick and efficient by predicting your query based on the search activity of all web users and the content of Google-indexed websites.

Recently, I learned that this helpful short cut from Google also has some unexpected entertainment value. Michael Katz of USA TODAY’s For The Win Blog tested Google’s Autocomplete function by typing in the name of every starting NFL quarterback and sharing the top four results. Below are a few choice samples from his findings:

  • Peyton Manning is a hottie
  • Andy Dalton is a ginger
  • Tom Brady is a Yankees fan
  • Brandon Weeden is so old
  • Jay Cutler is a cat meme
  • Russell Wilson is a robot
  • Eli Manning is the sling blade of quarterback

As an avid NFL (and, in the interest of full disclosure, a lifelong Peyton Manning fan), I found Katz’s findings both hilarious and quite interesting. With the exception of Peyton Manning, the majority of the other NFL quarterbacks couldn’t escape Google’s Autocomplete without at least some negative descriptors, ranging the gamut from overrated to jerk, fat, garbage, moron and punk. Even top-tier stars with endorsement deals like Super Bowl XLV Most Valuable Player Aaron Rodgers of the Green Bay Packers was maligned as “arrogant” and a “douchebag” by the Autocomplete results.

So what does it all mean and what does Google have to say about your team’s QB? You can check out Katz’s article here to find out what the public search opinion is (or just start typing into Google…) but whatever the results, I wouldn’t fret too much, after all, it’s not really possible for 60 percent of NFL quarterbacks to be “overrated” is it?! I guess we’ll see when the 2013 season kicks off Sept. 5 in Denver with the defending champion Ravens, including “overrated” QB Joe Flacco, facing off against the Denver Broncos and their “genius” play caller, Peyton Manning.

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