10 Questions with Account Coordinator, Kate Hassett!

We’re very excited to welcome Kate Hassett to the ever-growing Racepoint family! Get to know our newest PR pro in this intimate Q&A.

1. How would you explain what you do for work in 3 sentences or less to your 7 year old niece?

I try to tell people about different products that might be useful to them. I talk to reporters about these products so they can share what they learn with all the people who read their articles.

2. What is your favorite website, blog or online community?

Buzzfeed always gives me a good laugh.

3. If you were a crayon, what color would you be and why?

Yellow is my favorite color so I have to go with that.

4. What do you have as your desktop wallpaper right now?

Still working on choosing one, but right now it’s a lighthouse on the ocean.

5. What is your favorite drink?

This changes a lot but Curious Traveler has been my go-to summer beer.

6. If you were a tree, which kind would you be?

A Christmas Tree!

7. What is your favorite cereal?

I’m channeling my inner 10-year-old here and going with Reeses Puffs.

8. If you could be a superhero, what superpowers would you want to have?

Teleporting. Anyone who has lived on the green line would 100% agree with me.

9. What are your favorite smells?

Fresh cut grass and the ocean.

10. What do you like about living in the Boston area?

I can walk everywhere!


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