Racepoint Group Launches FieldFacts to Advance Public Relations and Public Affairs Influencer Identification and Engagement

In case you missed our announcement, here’s a quick recap of a piece of news coming from the Racepoint team this time around!

Last week, we introduced a new product to the Racepoint family of offerings – FieldFacts. In a nutshell, it’s a super-powered database and campaign management system that draws on a powerful combination of technology and human intelligence to target influencers and key opinion leaders.

With the digital and social worlds becoming our main sources for everything from grocery shopping to world news, the days of rallying people to join the online community are over. We’re all on, all the time. But what does that mean? In any given week, less than 0.5% of Facebook fans engage with brands they’re fans of (source: Marketing Science). This makes finding and engaging with the right people, or influencers, crucial to maximizing your share of voice.

Providing Racepoint Group clients with a balanced scorecard for the influencers most essential to their campaigns, FieldFacts solves this issue and lends a unique level of intelligence in managing brand and issue interactions and generating influence for Racepoint clients.

FieldFacts is industry-agnostic and can be used for public relations, government relations and public affairs programs. Check out the official release below for all the techie details you know and crave and let us know what you think in the comment section.

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