RPG Live – Episode 5 2



Racepoint Group is very excited to present to you another episode of RPG Live, where a group of Racepoint Group employees discuss the latest culturally relevant issues and trends we’re seeing in the news and pop culture, hosted by our own Evan Siff. This week’s guests include Tyler Kizner, Erin Knapp, Amanda Nadile and Carrie Weiss. Please have a listen as we discuss:

1.       Employers asking for Facebook passwords

Do you think certain employers should be allowed to ask potential employees for passwords to access their social media accounts?

2.       Vine

Twitter’s video service has already been used to apply for jobs, what are some other possible uses for this platform?

3.      Secretbook

Have you tried this new Chrome application that lets users insert hidden messages into their Facebook photos? Does it seem useful to you, or just another gimmick?

4.     Zombie Apocalypse

TV shows like The Walking Dead and upcoming movies like World War Z seem to be quite popular these days – what do you think you would do in the event of a zombie apocalypse?
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