Monthly Archives: August 2012

Old Spice Debuts Muscle Music Videos 4

Share Old Spice is at it again, with another brilliant video campaign. This time, instead of personalizing YouTube videos, they’ve made “muscle music video” in which former NFL player and actor, Terry Crews, makes instruments play by flexing his muscles. The cool part of this campaign comes after the video is over, when viewers take control. By […]


Are Viral Videos Bad For Our Health? 4

ShareLet me preface this post by saying that in no way am I medical expert or psychiatrist. But it doesn’t take a doctor to realize when something is strange. Viral videos – which many people aspire to create – seem to be having an unnervingly negative affect on some people’s health. In July Newsweek published a cover […]

RPG Live Episode 1 46

Share Racepoint Group is very excited to kick off the inaugural episode of RPG Live, where a group of Racepoint Group employees discuss the latest culturally relevant issues and trends we’re seeing in the news and pop culture, hosted by our own Evan Siff. This week’s guests include Marcus LaRobardiere, Theresa Masnik and Jen Signorini. […]