#FAIL: Celeb Boutique Should Quit the Internet (Aurora Insensitivity) 15

In the “What the $&#% Were You Thinking?!” Category, Twitter is exploding over an insensitive tweet from @CelebBoutique, who tried to capitalize on the last night’s shootings in Colorado:

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Bad idea, Celeb Boutique. Taking advantage of trending topics is great, when mass violence isn’t involved. Ignorance? Carelessness? Who knows. The reactions from the Twittersphere have been less than forgiving:

Below you can see just how rapidly people were reacting to the tweet from @CelebBoutique. At around 1:30 we open a column of tweets containing “Bieber” for comparison.

Anyone else reminded of Kenneth Cole #TwitterFAIL right now? Over an hour later, @CelebBoutique deleted their original tweet and issued a half-assed apology (attempting to change the subject in the process):

Our thoughts go out to all those who have been affected by the shootings.

UPDATE: @CelebBoutique has also tweeted that their PR is not US-based and apologized some more.

I’m not buying it. “We didn’t know!” is not something that a good PR team says. “Due Diligence” should go without saying on this one, folks.

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