Racepoint Labs: Facebook’s Take at Managing Brand Pages 3

By Sam Hamilton (@samjhamilton)

Being tied to a desk is painful, but in the world of social media community management it’s basically a death sentence. Social media is meant to be an instantaneous platform, allowing brands the unique opportunity to address their customers concerns in real-time. Because of this, being able to manage your brands online presence whilst mobile has become a social media imperative.

Facebook has unveiled an application for iOS that will help make social media community management more functional while on the go. Facebook Pages Manager will allow users to respond, post and comment on their brand pages, upload statuses and photos, and view statistics and Insights.

According to MobileBurn, the application had an international soft launch last month and is now also available in the United States. Additionally, since announcing the application, Mashable’s article has received a wide variety of responses, with the vast majority of readers wondering when it will be available for Android:

The launch of this application will have huge implications for community brand managers, allowing for the ability to quickly engage with users at any time.

If you manage a brand page, how will the release of this new application impact how you use Facebook?

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