We’re on the Move – to Boston! 7

While we’ve already announced it via the wires, I can’t leave Racepoint’s move to Boston untouched on Racetalk! Yes, it’s true: Racepoint Group, our digital marketing sister company Digital Influence Group and mother W2 Group are all making their way to the heart of Boston’s financial district this June. Where, you may ask?

Try 53 State Street, Sherlock!

So, aside from the swank building, you may be wondering why else we’re relocating – fair enough. After a super successful 2011 highlighted by an incredible client roster (from emerging to enterprise), we realized that we’d need more awesome talent on our side to ensure that all of our clients will be able to enjoy the usual five-star service, uninterrupted. Not only is Boston a more prime location when it comes to recruiting talent, but we’ll also be able to expand to almost double the floorspace, compared to our current location.

In addition to being right in the middle of the Hub, our future home will also allow for an improvement in work-life balance. We’ll be easily accessible via public transit, and there’s life just outside of the offices: eateries, shopping and other amenities abound. Are you excited? I sure am (given my commute is about to get chopped by 72 percent).

Work in Boston? How do you like it?

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