Pawngo Train-Wreck Continues with A Product-Pitch Apology 6

UPDATE: While writing this post, Pawngo closed the comment section of the blog, erasing 60+ negative comments. Since dumping the pile of Butterfingers, they have also disallowed posting on the company Facebook page and taken down Todd Hills’ phone number from their website.

As the anger over Pawngo’s ill-advised PR stunt in Boston yesterday continued, Pawngo’s CEO, Todd Hills, decided it was time to stop posting sarcastic tweets, and issue a real apology. Unfortunately, this is when it was Hills’ turn to drop the ball (perhaps he should receive a giant heap of Butterfingers).

In what appears to be an “oh crap – this really backfired!” moment, Hills wrote an apology on Pawngo’s blog, which came across as insincere, especially to New England residents. Why is it not being taken seriously? It’s all in the third paragraph…

Pawngo has been changing the world of providing credit to individuals and small businesses, and our business has grown dramatically in the past year.  In the process of growing, we have received lots of attention from the press, talking about how we are opening up new financial options for many otherwise un-bankable people.  However, this incident in Boston produced some press that we would rather not have.

Yes, you read that correctly. In an apology for a mean-spirited PR stunt, Hills thought it would be appropriate to pitch his company and their services. As anyone can imagine, the post was not well received by Patriots fans, who have left comments on the post. Many of these comments suggest that if Hills were serious about his apology, he should make a sizable donation to the Wes Welker Foundation.

In addition to attacking Pawngo, angry New Englanders have been targeting Groupon (who shares investors with Pawngo). Groupon has been issuing statements to everyone on Twitter individually, and even Nestle Butterfinger has been making it clear they had nothing to do with the lame stunt.

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6 thoughts on “Pawngo Train-Wreck Continues with A Product-Pitch Apology

  • Brittany Falconer

    Even as a Giants fan relishing victory in Boston I found this whole bonanza in very poor taste. The stunt had nothing to do with the Pawngo brand, and as we can see, it’s still resulting in some nasty whiplash. …And don’t suggest that the stunt would have been a hit in NY, either – what team wants to attribute victory to the opposing team’s “slip”? Tough luck, Pawngo.

  • Mad as Hell

    Not only was his apology pathetic, it was insincere. He also did a little advertising while apologizing. What a piece of work. Now, finally after tons of pressure, he donated money to Wes Welkers Charitable Foundation for kids. However, he refuses to disclose the amount. Another slap in the face to New Englanders and Pats fans everywhere. Time to man up Todd Boy!!!! Disclose the amount so we can all move on.

  • Mad as Hell

    As of this writing he still hasn’t made the donation, although he has “promised”. Ya right, like I believe this self serving piece of crap.