Pawngo PR Stunt Grabs Attention, Insults Customers 7

Today online pawn show Pawngo thought it would be funny to pour salt in the wounds of New England Patriots fans, and dropped off a massive pile of Butterfingers in Copley Square. Then an employee stood behind the pile with a sign that read, “Thank you Wes Welker.”

While the saying, any press is good press, is often true, this moment is one of those exceptions. Just 36 hours after a heartbreaking loss in the Superbowl, a company headquartered in Denver (remember that 45-10 first round playoff game?) thought that for some reason, it would be a good idea to throw a low ball at six states of potential customers. After this move, is there any Patriots fan that would seriously consider purchasing something on Pawngo in the near future? I think not.

There are always certain events that PR and marketing people should stay away from, and many of these are obvious. But Pango’s PR stunt showed that the company has very little class. Instead of reminding Patriots fans about Welker’s missed catch, go join in on New York’s parade. Quite simple, this is an example of a PR or marketing idea not being well thought out. Sure, it will grab national attention for a day, but at what price? Do you really want to be the company that upsets its own customers?

The only good thing for New Englanders (besides some free Butterfingers) is that Mayor Menino is apparently going to fine Pawngo for commercial dumping.

If you want to share your own thoughts with Pawngo, their Facebook page is, and their Twitter handle is @pawngo.

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