Google Alerts for Your Friends 2

You have contacts in high places.

Your freshman year roommate: Executive producer of Mad Men. Your childhood best friend: CEO of Jack in the Box. Your ex: modeling in Milan. With your own jet-set lifestyle, keeping track of where your friends are can be quite an undertaking.

Thankfully, two ambitious blokes from Harvard have harnessed the power that is Google Alerts and created a service called Newsle, now available. Think of it as refined version of Google News that only shows you updates for your specific friends and contacts, instead of random internet people with the same name (thinking of you Michael Bolton).

Working the site is pretty simple, once you log on, set up an account and import your Facebook and/ or LinkedIn contacts. After that, you have the option to browse a list of celebrities, athletes, and public figures you can follow (awesome, Wendy Williams and Dave Couiler news at the same time).

After that, your account will begin showing you a newsfeed involving the friends you’ve imported. Looking to research (stalk) a reporter who just approved your friend request on LinkedIn? You’ll now be able to see everything he or she does that’s newsworthy surely giving you an advantage the next time you want to pitch them on behalf of your client.  Remember that classmate you had to do that one project with your sophomore year? Newsle makes it easy to see how their blossoming NBA career is going (time for that winter visit to Miami).

The coolest factor is Newsle offers a tool for measuring everyone’s Fame Factor, so you can see how you stack up in newsworthiness against your friends.

Fairly confident Rondo has you beat.

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