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Love them or hate them – no one can deny the power politicians have to inspire passion and fuel engagement.  Obama’s 2008 election campaign proved that with the right social strategy, that power still has room to grow to unprecedented levels.  Now it seems that every politician has embraced social media as a means to build a groundswell of support to impact change.

Yesterday morning, I sat down with MITX and Avectra to run through details for an upcoming webinar (Planning for 2012:  Attracting and Inspiring your Audience like Today’s Savvy Politicians) we’re hosting to discuss just that.  We asked each other – what can we learn from today’s politicians to inspire and engage our own audiences, memberships and constituents?  Where do they get it right, wrong, and everything in between?

From mobilizing your ground forces to identifying and understanding your influencers, it was clear to all of us that it’s not about how many Fans or followers you get in a week – it’s what you do with them – that it’s not about what tools you’re using – it’s the strategy behind how you use them.

And don’t think that I just opened the kimono on what’s to come from the webinar – I have a strong feeling that this 45 minute call barely scratched the surface.  So with that said, please join Larry Weber, CEO and Chairman of Racepoint Group; Debi Kleiman, President of MITX; and Richard Davis, CEO of Avectra on December 12th at 2:00pm EST to learn how to initiate and execute your social engagement strategy to make 2012 your most successful “campaign” yet.

Click here for more information on the event and registration details.

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