Instantly Judging Your Cabbies 3

The closest most of us will ever get to having a chauffeur: The Cab Driver.

Living in the city creates a whole array of necessities, one of which is quick transportation from point A to point B. Another is getting their in one piece.  However, the latter part has always been a gamble, especially in Boston cabs.

Well, not anymore…

Check out SaferTaxi, a new website and app. now available from our friends across the pond which allows you to instantly gather and share some insight on the driver issuing you around the city in the hope that the fear of a negative review will inspire your driver to provide the highest level of professionalism. This should allow all cab users to have a more enjoyable experience.

So, say you’re in the North End impressing an attractive model you’ve just met at the bar with your flawless command of the Italian language when your phone goes off and your friends invite you to DJ a house party in Brighton.  Once you’ve hailed your taxi, enter the license plate number or the driver’s registration ID into the app. Faster than a cabbie can navigate Comm. Ave. you’ll get a full rundown of your driver’s history including: ratings, reviews, and most importantly, safety records (should you receive a Lord of the Rings length response, you may want to opt for another driver).

Once you’ve safely arrived at your destination, you’ll be able to plug in your own ratings, feedback, and tales of how you and your driver sang a duet to the Righteous Brothers’ You’ve Lost that Lovin’ Feeling.

Additionally, your account stores all of your reviews, so if you happen to lose your wallet you’ll be able to look up the cab you rode in, and begin to hunt it down.

Or look up who you had the best musical connection with.


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