This New Craze Called “Jogging” 3

It’s fall and that means a few things: Most notably, Spandex.

Almost as recognizable as the changing leaves, the shift from Bruce Jenner-length short shorts to full-on spandex happens quickly. It’s a wonder of nature really. However, sometimes the run can be cold, and when that happens, it’s always beneficial to have a little extra body heat. Thankfully, someone has figured out what to do.

Presenting JoggingBuddy, a new-ish website which helps you find the jogging partner of your dreams, now available in Boston.

Despite its interesting layout, it’s worth noting one major point: this is not a dating website. The purpose here is to help you find a running partner. However, if your new found buddy happens to have amazing flow and looks great sporting running shoes, than best of luck to you.

How this works: once you’ve stretched out those hammies, log onto the Once there you’ll create a profile, upload a picture (preferably the one of you out-sprinting the Boston Marathon champion), and enter the zip code of where you’ll be recreating the beach scene from Chariots of Fire (music optional, but encouraged).

Now that you’re profile is updated on the site, you can scroll through pages and pages of runners in the hopes of finding your ideal match. Once you’ve found that special someone, it’s as simple as connecting and scheduling a time to meet up for a jog (and potential cool down over a bottle of wine).

And one of the coolest features of this site is that it’s international, meaning you can connect with running buddies when you travel to your winter home in Spain.

Remember, a cool-down in most European countries involves some form of clubbing.

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