Refining Your Athleticism 4

When people think athletic prowess, they think of you.

Your drive: unmatched. Your three-pointers: legendary. Your choke-slam: forceful. Your grace during competiton has been compared to an elephant emerging from a river. But, despite your Adonis-like athleticism, sometimes you need a little edge to truly stay on top of your game.

It’s a shame you dropped your phone while hang-gliding over the Rockies and lost all of your fellow athletes’ numbers. However, instead of going through the hassle of contacting each one of them, you can now get all of their sage advice in app form.

Check out Get in the Game, a new iPhone app that shows video demonstrations by your favorite athletes.

Say for your company’s winter outing, your boss has reserved the frog pond for you and your team to do a little ice skating. Never the one to turn down a competitive outing, you’ve come prepared. You’ve got your skates, hand warmers, and Johny Weir sparkly onesie. What you don’t have is a gold winning triple lutz yet.

Problem? Not so much. Here’s what you do: pull up the site, download the app and select Kristi Yamaguchi as your demo coach. Watch a few of her videos, and if you like the instruction you’re getting, download all of her coaching videos, which take you through proper warm-ups, stretching, skating technique, and most importantly how to stick that killer landing for only $4.99 (much cheaper than the HGH you were talking about).

And since every day is a “gold-medal” type of day, you’ll be happy to note that they have coaching experts for softball (Jenni Finch), tennis (Andy Roddick), football (Jerry Rice), and even wrestling (Hulk Hogan).

Your office looks forward to your bandana and matching boa.

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