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This is a guest post by Alvina Lopez, a freelance writer and blog junkie, who blogs about accredited online colleges. She welcomes comments via email at 

It’s a self-evident truth that every website has written content in one form or another. Unfortunately, the universal nature of written web content means that the quality of that content varies from site to site. For every website covering one particular subject, there exists dozens of imitators whose content ranges from illegible to near-literary. How do we wind up with such a wide array of written content? It depends on the webmasters and bloggers and how they approach the writing on their sites. Some people just can’t write well, and those who don’t recognize it choose to generate their own written content at their own peril. If you spend the majority of your time in another arena related to your website and/or business (marketing, web development, design, etc.), you’re likely to be better off hiring a professional to tackle the writing featured on your site. Not quite convinced? Here are some more points to consider.

Outsource Detailed Work to People More Qualified

To expand on the point above, hiring freelancers optimizes the workload for everyone involved. Freelancers are hired to write attractive and engaging content, leaving you (the webmaster, the CEO, the salesperson, etc.) free to do what you do best. There’s no shame in outsourcing work to people more qualified—in fact, it’s better business. Your content might not be “in-house,” but it will likely convey information more effectively than if you tried your hand at the task, and that’s all that really matters. With the writing task in someone else’s capable hands, you’re free to invest yourself in your business uninhibited.

Better Writing Attracts Better Business

Freelance writers will (hopefully) generate content that appropriately addresses your target audience, and that’s good for your business. If you’re an inexperienced writer, you run the risk of writing generalizations or mixed messages that could read as sloppy and poorly planned writing. If your business runs primarily through the web, then presenting great content is of critical importance—it’s the most immediate way that you communicate with your customers. It goes without saying that stronger writing increases likelihood that you’ll connect with your readers.

And bear in mind that even though you hire someone else to do your writing, you have the final word on what content is and isn’t acceptable. Through constructive edits and meaningful criticism, you can shape the overall theme of your freelancer’s writing so as to fit the ethos of your website or business.

A Temporary Hire

Perhaps the most appealing aspect of a freelancer is their limited involvement with your enterprise, particularly if you’re looking to have content written only for your website. There’s no need to burden your payroll with another full hire; simply draft a basic contract with a freelance writer outlining the services required within a specific timeline. If you like a freelancer’s content, don’t balk at their hourly fees: a sizeable one-time sum is a small price to pay for the potentially huge clientele you’ll attract with quality writing that engages your readers. Think of hiring a freelance writer as a long-term investment for your enterprise, one that is likely to yield returns long after you’ve concluded your contract.

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