A Quick Look at the Incredible Influence of Steve Jobs 4

Steve Jobs is dead.  There is already very little left to be said about the man since his passing yesterday evening. Those who say he changed the world with his company are not embellishing.  It is an understatement.  Not only has Apple forever revolutionized the way in which humans interact with technology, it did so with a pervasive zeal that affected all aspects of our society.  Each and every cultural segment is mourning his loss this morning.  Business? Inevitably. Technology? Of course. Politics? You know it.  Music. Check. Sports? Yup. Celebrity and lifestyle? Thankfully yes.

There is a good chance you were awoken this morning by the alarm on your smartphone, and immediately checked your email.  You drove to work with your iPod, or Spotify-enabled iPhone/Android plugged into the stereo, listening to a few of the thousands of songs readily available.  You walked into your office, sat down and turned on your PC or Mac, which you are probably looking at right now. You will perform your daily tasks engaging with technologies designed to make your life easier.  And you will converse with others, who in these important ways had the same exact morning.

Due to Jobs’ obsession with ease-of-use, the fabric of our lives are now permanently weaved with the threads of technology.  For better or for worse, there is no going back.  To reiterate, to say Steve Jobs changed the world is an understatement.

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