The Ultimate Party Playlist 4

P-Diddy is jealous of your parties.

You always have the finest drinks available. Your guest list makes any Oscar after-party look like a c-list affair. Your theme ideas are always well received.

However, the main reason people come to your party is your killer playlist. (Who knew you could follow up Kenny Loggins with Sisqo?) But despite your never-ending list of crowd-pleasing grooves, there are always those people who will interrupt your Grammy-award winning rendition of “You’ve lost that lovin’ feeling” to say “I’ve got a better song, put this on next.”  Well, that ends now.

Check out djtxt, a new way to outsource your party music selections via Grooveshark.

So if this weekend you’re planning on throwing your annual Oktoberfest bash, and after you’ve trucked in your lederhosen, pretzels, and light-up leather jacket, you suddenly find your in-house DJ is off to Europe, and you’re too busy setting-up to make your usual playlist, don’t sweat: djtxt has your back.

Go to djtxt’s website and drag the symbol into your bookmark toolbar and launch Grooveshark when your party begins. From that point on, friends will be able to text the artist and song title (e.g.”David Hasselhoff I’ve been lookin’ for freedom”) to djtxt, which will then add that song to a newly formed playlist. It will even let you keep the playlist after the party.

And if for some reason your party-goers really get into David Hasselhoff’s entire catalog, you can always text “skip” to the same number.

But really, is there ever too much Hoff?

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