How to Make Your Entrances Even Better 3

Ever since college, you’ve had the reputation as the “person who always makes an entrance.” Lady Gaga has nothing on you.

There was the time you took a limo to class. The time you parachuted into graduation. The time you had Kanye West rap to you as you walked into work for the first time.

Needless to say, you know how enter a room. However, sometimes when you’re going to dinner with some close friends, you need something a little more subtle.

Thankfully someone out there developed your idea of, “my phone should automatically tell my friends I’m arriving.” Presenting I’m Coming, an app that automatically lets your friends know you’re getting to a destination using GPS, now available via iTunes.

Here’s how it works: once you download the app, mark your destination by selecting a nearby notification point, say the Prudential Tower a few minutes away. Before you leave for your evening, compose an e-mail letting the people you’re meeting know you’ll be arriving (you can take this moment to interject how you just got your helicopter back from Richard Branson). Using the magic of GPS, your phone will detect when you’re by the Pru, or any location, and automatically send off an e-mail to everyone about how you’ll be making your grand entrance.

This should give your friends ample time to prepare a drink for you.

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