Avoiding Parking Tickets Indefinitely 7

Consider for a moment the most masculine figure of all the parking enforcement officers. The meter maid.

Slow. Deliberate. Callous.

With turtle-like speed, and minds as remembering as Elephants, they roam the streets of Boston looking to strike with the most unsightly weapon in their arsenals, the neon orange citation.  Despite your pleas and back-ended “compliments” about their less than flattering apparel, you’re going to get a ticket, unless you remember to pay the meter.

However, accidents do happen. We’ve all been in this situation: you’re in downtown Boston having drinks and giving pointers to Ray Allen about how to shoot  three pointers, while simultaneously making plans to fly to the Alps for some weekend skiing – clearly a little too preoccupied to be bothered with renewing the meter, and then, Bam! Ticket.

Thankfully, you now have another personal assistant to call on to help prevent these kinds of situations in the future. Check out ParkBud, a new app available through iTunes. It’s very simple to use, simply open the app and type in the time you parked your car. As the time gets closer to pump more money into the city, you’ll be sent a reminder that it’s time to pay your fare.

But, we all know the city is a good size, and sometimes in the events of the day you find yourself in an unfamiliar part of town, with no recollection of where you parked. ParkBud’s got your back. Not only does it provide you with a friendly reminder that it’s time to pay, but it also uses GPS to give you the fastest route back to your vehicle, thus allowing for maximum hang-out time with your celebrity friends.

Who knows, maybe you can start inviting that parking patrol officer over for football. He still can’t ride in your Maybach though.

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