Erasing That Annoying Person Forever 5

We all have “those” people who we no longer want to see anymore. There’s the ex, who since you’ve broken up, has dominated your Facebook wall with photos of her and Justin Timberlake canoodling court-side at the Lakers game. There’s the co-worker who continues to Tweet about his new office (have you seen my desk-pure marble with diamonds), and of course there’s Steve Williams who doesn’t want to see anything about his former employer.  If only there was a way to never come across these people again, even accidentally, on the vast void that is the internet.

Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time to say adios to them. Presenting, the Ex-Blocker, a browser add-on for Firefox, Google Chrome, and Safari that lets you block the person of your choosing, now available online.

Are you losing friends because your nights out have turned into tearful karaoke outings? We’ve all been there (no we haven’t). Are you getting angry every time you’re out and you see a family taking a picture of a child, because you know it will end up on Facebook, and you’re reminded of that one co-worker that always posts photos of their family? Then this is a website designed just for you.

Here’s how it works, first you need to choose what browser your computer uses. Next, enter your sworn enemies name into the boxes. After that, you can add in their facebook, their twitter, and their personal blog, why not, you don’t really care what they bought at the mall. After all of the information is entered, every instance of their existence will be blocked from your browser indefinitely. It’ll be like they never existed, and your memories of them, fading into obscurity faster than Rebecca Black.

Did I mention it’s good for forgetting “celebrities” like her as well?

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