Unhear It: Sorry Catchy Radio Song, but You’ve Got to Go 7

This is my first post to the Racetalk blog. Look for more of my posts in the upcoming weeks! I would also like to thank Brittany and Jason for bringing me on.

I have an angelic voice. It’s been described as a hybrid between Barry Manilow and Enrique Iglesias. That being said, I’ve been known to belt out a ballad or two on my way to work in the morning.  After all, something has to break up the commute.

More often than not however, a song finds a way to embed itself in my head, and not leave, no matter what I try. My science panel is all on vacation, so the reasoning as to why this happens will have to wait, but I have recently found a way to get the latest Katy Perry song out of my head.

Presenting Unhear it, a website that provides you with a random song to block out that annoying hook from the Lil’ Wayne song you’ve been singing all morning.

Think of this website as a music-demolition expert who’d you call in after you’ve gone from your commute, to the board room, to the snack shack in your office with Real McCoy’s early 90s club favorite “Another Night” playing on repeat in your head. (You’re welcome for reminding you of your glory days)

To avoid spending the rest of your day figuring out some sweet new glow stick dance moves, here’s what you do: go online, open Unhear it, and click play. The website will randomly pick a song for you to listen to, either in its entirety or just a few seconds (the opening to “Getting’ Jiggy with It” generally gets me ready to go).  In no time you’ll be back to making those million dollar decisions your company hired you to make.

The website does come with the risk of replacing one overly annoying hook with another. Worth it? You bet. Anything beats Eifel 65.

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