I Have No Idea What Spotify Is. But I Want It. 10

I have been rattling my brain this morning trying to figure out who is more upset about the early success of the Americanized Spotify.  My initial thoughts naturally drifted towards the competition: iTunes and Grooveshark.  Music services should be running for the hills, I am told.  However I think the company most upset with Spotify at the moment is Google.  Google+ was supposed to shower great graces upon the search engine giant throughout the entire summer; the spectacularly wealthy David on a mission to take down the Facebook Goliath.  Google+ did have its moment in the sun as the most talked about social media platform, but over the past two days we have seen the center of attention shift, quickly, to Spotify.

I’m going to be honest.  I have no idea what Spotify is or how it works.  My excitement (hastening towards obsession) is based purely on loving tweets I’ve seen from my friends and celebrity endorsements (who knew that Demi Moore is A. a music fan? and B. still a celebrity?).

From what I gather, again through tweets and the equally nondescript promotional video, Spotify is like iTunes, only more awesome.  There seems to be some social aspects, and apparently you can listen to songs you want for free [from @kelleighsimmons: “Spotify is like Grooveshark and iTunes on steroids. Wicked awesome…” (Hey Kelleigh- Go Sox!)].   Take a look at #spotify.  You will learn that Spotify plays music better than anything has ever played music in the history of music, and that’s all you’ll learn.  Apparently people are completely incapable of delving deeper into description.

I don’t think I have ever wanted a product more, while at the same time having no idea what it is.  Keep in mind as an 11 year old all it took was for the cool kid to say the name of a new toy and I wanted it.  Why else would anyone buy pogs?

This is the true genius behind Spotify’s promotional campaign for their American launch.  It is the model of marketing restraint:  They know they have an excellent product and have therefore decided to let customers do their advertising for them, while at the same time keeping the service itself shrouded in mystery.  Yeah, I could just go onto Wikipedia and read about how it differs from iTunes or how it incorporates elements of social networks, but I want to remain intrigued.  I want to experience it firsthand.  You never want to know what you’re getting before you open a present, and like a kid on Christmas Eve I am eagerly awaiting my Spotify invitation.

Being a marketing professional, I often feel like I am above the ploys of other marketers, as if I am impervious to their trickery.  Well done Spotify.  I like you, I want you, yet I don’t even know you.  Somehow, I feel used.

Have you tried Spotify?  Tell us what you think (but don’t spoil it).

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