Awaiting are the Heavens, Check Into 7-Elevens! 2

The enterprise of Foursquare loyalty programs has just gone through the stratosphere, literally, thanks to everyone’s favorite slurpee store, 7-Eleven.

On June 1, in conjunction with J.J. Abrams new upcoming sci-fi thriller Super 8, 7-Eleven launched a Foursquare promotion, entitled “Check Into Space,”  in which the 888,888th person to check into one of their locations will win the grand prize of a suborbital trip to space courtesy of Space Adventures, Ltd.  Lesser prizes include free movie tickets (for every 88th person that checks in) and trips aboard Zero Gravity Corporation’s ZERO-G Experience – where you can test out zero gravity through an excursion in a modified Boeing 727 (for every 88,888th person that checks in).  In total, 7-Eleven is offering 21,475 prizes to lucky Foursquare users who also happen to be slurpee and big-gulp fanatics.

The audacious prizes signify a turning point in brand loyalty promotions through location-based services such as Foursquare.  “Check into Space” is a multi-faceted promotion involving a major motion picture and two separate private high-end adventure tour companies.  The amount of prizes being offered by 7-Eleven to Foursquare users represents the largest promotional contest in the company’s history.  Not only do brands now realize the marketing potential of fostering loyalty through location-based services, they have so much confidence in that potential that they are employing them as the centerpiece of major campaigns, and are willing to push the boundaries of what they can offer.

Perhaps now that location has arrived at the final frontier, there no longer are any boundaries.

What do you think the final result of “Check Into Space” will be for 7-Eleven?  Will the allure of the grand prize cause a significant increase in traffic to 7-Eleven locations?  What are some of your other favorite Foursquare campaigns?  Let us know.

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