Email Addiction Makes Its Way Into the Bedroom 2

A recent survey from iPass collected data on business workers and travelers around the world, and discovered that people check their email constantly. How much, you ask? 35 percent of people check email first thing in the morning before doing anything else. Email comes before getting dressed, showering and eating breakfast.

Email addiction can also be disruptive. 32 percent of people admitted that their mobile technology causes friction in their personal relationships, and 90 percent of this friction comes between partners. While email addiction can be annoying for a partner at any time, I’m guessing that a significant amount of this friction comes at night, to the tune of 38 percent of people occasionally checking email while they’re sleeping. But it gets worse: 8 percent of people admit to checking email in the middle of the night every single night.

While we all can agree this would not be identified as “healthy” behavior, the Economist argues that these email must have some kind of dividing line:

Many jobs now demand constant connectedness, leaving little space for life outside of work. Indeed, while 64% of those asked said it was unacceptable to take a call in a public toilet, 29% confessed to talking on the loo. The line between work and private life has to be drawn somewhere. At the toilet door, perhaps?

Now it’s your turn to be honest with us. What’s the worst situation, place or time you’ve ever checked your work email?

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