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All businesses, large and small, want to see evidence that their activity on social media is worthwhile. Even though Facebook provides some data on user engagement, a new monitoring and measurement company called ContentAide recently launched, which provides business with information on content that attracts and retains loyal Facebook fans. The founder of ContentAide, Cody Barbierri (also a former colleague) answered a few questions about what makes ContentAide so valuable for businesses and PR folks.

If you want to find out more, you can register for a free trial of ContentAide here:

RaceTalk: Why did you decide to create ContentAide?

Cody Barbierri: As a social media strategist, I was constantly helping companies get started and implement various campaigns on Facebook. The major issue wasn’t setting up the page or running a promotional campaign, but rather the day to day posting of content through status updates. The companies literally didn’t know what to post and I often times had to have phone conversations or emails about the issue. We also created editorial calendars to map our updates, but those tend to be difficult as companies, consumers and trends change often.

With ContentAide, a business, whether small or large, can on a daily basis see the content that got the most engagement from the prior day. With this information, they can determine what style, format, topic and content type should be posted to get engagement from their communities.

It’s also a great way to keep track of specific brands. If you’re an agency, you can create daily reports for each client, which will include a section to keep track of competitors and their top posts. If something is working for a competitor, then it will probably work for your client.

RaceTalk: It seems like there is a lack of tools to help businesses with Facebook, while there is a surplus of platforms for Twitter. Did this factor into your decision to found the company?

CB: Exactly, there are very few tools. The most prominent at this time seem to be ones that help run contents or promotions. However, those are only good for a short time period and often times the consumer will “unlike” the page. So creating good content is important to keep those consumers, turn them into customers and get a ROI on social media efforts.

While there are tools for Twitter, we will be in the near future including the platform. However, it is a different type of social network, which means a different type of content. We need to make sure our algorithm works properly for Twitter.

RaceTalk: Is there a limit to how many companies you can track under one license?

CB: With one daily report, you can pick your company, it’s competitors and a category (each page has to select what category they fall under).

RaceTalk: Do you think ContentAide is most useful for tracking your own Facebook page or your competitor’s pages?

CB: ContentAide is best for getting a sense of what “works” on Facebook. In addition, it can be useful to see which updates of your own are doing well. As for competitors, it’s always nice to keep them close and being able to see a top update can help a company compete. As an agency, it’s valuable info to convey to a client on a daily basis, especially if they are asking for daily updates.

RaceTalk: How will ContentAide change the ways businesses approach and develop their Facebook page?

CB: For small businesses, it’s a confidence booster to get involved with Facebook. Often times, it’s the idea of not knowing what to post that deters them from gaining value from the social networks.

For social media media professionals, marketers or agencies, it’s a way to not only stay up to date on what consumers want to hear and see on Facebook through status updates, but it’s a way to track your brand or clients activity and help them create better content to be successful.

In the end, it’s the content you create that is going to get customers to be loyal fans. As much as they want promotions and coupons, they also want a connection and that is done through good engagement-based content.

RaceTalk: It seems like the algorithm you use to determine the success of each page is the key to your success. Can you explain what information is considered and why this feature is so important for businesses to understand?

CB: The secret sauce to ContentAide is the algorithm and it’s going to stay just that – a secret. However, what I can tell you is that we take multiple factors into consideration on each page and each status update, including community size and number of likes and comments.

Pages with millions of fans don’t have a hard time generating likes or comments, but that also doesn’t mean the content they are are creating is good or engaging. Rather it’s just noticeable by a larger group. Pages with a much smaller number of fans are going to need to create better content to get engagement, so if they are landing a solid number, then they should be ranked. However, that solid number might not be as much as the Page with millions of people. Our algorithm takes these types of factors into consideration when ranking which content is actually engaging.

RaceTalk: How should PR/marketing/communications agencies use this service?

CB: Agencies responsible for creating and running a clients Facebook account should create a daily report for each. That way the account managers for each client can help to manage and implement good content for their clients, which in turn makes the agency look good.

Even for agencies who might not be in charge of a particular page, being able to talk about what’s engaging on Facebook is a valuable tool. If you’re pitching a new company for their business and Facebook is a topic of interest, ContentAide could give you the means to bring valuable data and insights, including what the competition is doing.

Also, don’t forget about your own internal social media efforts. Agencies compete with each other as well. So having a report for your own agency could be very valuable.

RaceTalk: Are you concerned about Facebook developing their own platform to provide companies with this type of data, or do you not see them sharing this type of information with anyone besides each page’s administrators?

CB: I don’t think it’s in the best interests of Facebook to build out their insights features to include other pages. That could be a deterrent for people and companies to get involved with Facebook. Facebook also doesn’t have our algorithm.

RaceTalk: Do you have plans to expand ContentAide to other social networks and platforms beyond Facebook?

CB: Yes, our next step is Twitter. As I mentioned before, since it’s a different type of social network than Facebook, we need to make sure we are monitoring, qualifying and delivering the right content to our users.

RaceTalk: Is there anything else you’d like to add?

CB: ContentAide is not trying to replace any professional or agency in the social space, but rather is working to be a valuable aide. We want to help companies, professionals and agencies to make more engaging content to help increase customer interaction and loyalty on Facebook.

Also, we have a 15-day free trial for all new users to test the service. After, subscription options are super reasonable ranging from just $20 a month for one daily report to $200 a month for unlimited access.

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