New York Times Subscription Model Successful – For Now 1

After launching a new subscription model on March 28th, the New York Times has reportedly sold 100,000 digital subscriptions over the past three weeks.

While this is a very positive start for the NYT, it’s possible these numbers were aided thanks to a significant discount offered to readers: 99 cents for a 4-week trial. The normal cost of a 4-week subscription ranges from $15 to $35, and it remains to be seen if the trial users decide to continue subscribing past their initial four week subscription offer.

Why might some subscribers not feel the need to pay for access? It’s been heavily reported throughout social media channels that the NYT paywall allows readers to access the content for free through social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Additionally, users are allowed to access 20 free articles a month.

If the NYT can maintain their current subscription rates for a full year it will have a major impact on their bottom line – to the tune of $20 million.

Are you currently subscribed to the NYT with the 99 cents offer, and if so, do you plan on keeping your subscription past the 4-week trial?

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