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There are so many ways to watch movies these days. You can watch them on your home television, computer, phone, tablet, or even…go to the movie theater. With so many options and more on the way, I’ve decided to examine some of the most popular movie-watching methods.

If you don’t agree or have another platform you prefer, share your opinion in the comment section.

1. The Movie Theater: 10 years ago the movie theater was the best option for movie watching. It wasn’t too expensive, and it offered the best quality viewing experience. However, today home theater technology is just as good (or better) then theaters, and tickets have become really expensive.

2. Netflix: While it began as a mail-order DVD company, it has quickly adapted to today’s technology and become one of the most popular movie-watching platforms. The opportunity to stream movies from anywhere is a major advantage, and it’s monthly subscription rates are priced very fairly.

3. DVDs: When DVDs first came out they were very popular, but how many people are buying them now that you can stream movies directly from your computer? In either case, watching a DVD from your living room can provide you with very comfortable theater experience, especially if you have big LCD screen and surround sound.

4. Red Box: Red Box is currently my personal favorite, but a big factor is the location of the vending machines. If there is one close by, it’s hard to beat the $1 rental fee. Since I’m only renting 2-3 movies per month, I enjoy not having a flat monthly fee and don’t feel like I have to watch a certain number of movies in order to get my money’s worth. Blockbuster Express is also similar.

5. iTunes: iTunes isn’t the ideal movie watching platform due to its prices. If you’re going to buy a movie, you’re probably better off just getting it on DVD for the same price. However, if you’re on-the-go and want to rent a movie, it provides you with a good option, even though it’s expensive as far as rentals are considered.

6. Amazon: This is a similar option to iTunes, but you’ll be able to play it on different platforms. A lot of this depends on what type of devices you have.

So which movie-watching platform do you prefer?

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