Smartphone Slayer Thrashes Flip Cam 1

This morning Gizmodo reported that Cisco has “axed the Flip cam.” The Flip video camera has been a great companion to many a PR professional at trade shows, conferences, industry events and for one-on-one Q&As. A moment of silence, please.

Jenna Wortham, a tech reporter for the New York Times, reacted via her Twitter account @jennydeluxe:

She is absolutely right. The “Swiss army-like smartphones” she is describing are going to become a one-stop shop for all your content creation needs. I am going to toss tablets into that ring too – the iPad 2, the Samsung Galaxy Tab and the like. What will be next, the death of the digital camera?

In a salute to the absolute supremacy of smartphones, I dedicate this song:

What do you think, readers? What device will disappear next?

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