Media to Businesses: Turn Into the Skid 4

This is a guest post from Dan Walsh, an Account Executive at Racepoint Group. Follow him on Twitter @DanWalshed.

RaceTalk recently had an interesting conversation with a blogger for about a major company’s approach to the media. Once considered one of the most innovative and well respected companies in the world, in recent years it has lost some of its luster with the media and consumers.

One of the reasons for this slip, the blogger hypothesized, was the way they reacted to critical articles and questions posed by the media:

“You know how they tell you that when your car goes into a skid you’re supposed to turn in the direction of the skid? They did the exact opposite – they yanked the wheel the other way.”

As a seasoned New England driver, his point was well taken… this is a recipe for disaster. Very few companies can get away with even temporarily stonewalling the media – let alone making it part of a long-term strategy. As counterintuitive as it may be, often the best way to deal with negative coverage is to open the lines of communication. Find new ways to bring the media in and help them see what makes your company special.

Negative reviews and critical articles are unavoidable. How you respond is completely within your control. Remember: turn in the direction of the skid.

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