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Say Goodbye To Julius Pringles?? 3

Share Unless you live under a rock then you already know.  No, I’m not talking about the royal wedding, the near-shutdown of the Federal Government, or the birther debate.  I’m referring to the earth-shattering revelation that earlier this month the Pringles brand was sold by Procter and Gamble to Diamond Foods. After that settles in […]


You Say Goodbye, I’ll Say Hello 7

ShareYou don’t see these types of posts from us much, but I wanted to take a moment to share some RaceTalk news. This week we’re welcoming two new bloggers, Jason Fidler and Brittany Falconer. You may recognize their names from some recent posts on the blog, and Brittany recently published a very entertaining video interview […]


Facebook & Google Launching Deal Offers 2

Share Over the past week (and most recently yesterday), both Facebook and Google have announced that they have set up deal offers and will soon be launching their platforms in select cities (mostly on the west coast). Google’s deal launch comes after a failed attempt to acquire Groupon, and Facebook had already added limited deals […]

ContentAide Provides New Way to Track Engagement on Facebook 11

Share All businesses, large and small, want to see evidence that their activity on social media is worthwhile. Even though Facebook provides some data on user engagement, a new monitoring and measurement company called ContentAide recently launched, which provides business with information on content that attracts and retains loyal Facebook fans. The founder of ContentAide, Cody Barbierri […]



Adzookie: A Case Study in the Relation Between Ineffectiveness and Brilliance 1

Share Have you heard of Adzookie?  Unless you’re really into small-market mobile advertising start-ups, you shouldn’t have.  Well friends, prepare yourselves to be introduced to the proud owners of one of the most ineffective and polarizing advertising campaigns in recent memory; which, in turn, is also one of the most creative and brilliant public relations […]

We Asked You to #AskBostonTweet, and @BostonTweet Answered 3

ShareRaceTalk was lucky enough to catch mild-mannered Tom O’Keefe (better known as the legendary @BostonTweet) in between burritos and assorted Boston goings-on and convinced him to chat with us for a spell to talk about his Twitterlebrity status, social media in Boston, and some other Tom Trivia. Prior to our discussion, we asked the Twitter […]

New York Times Subscription Model Successful – For Now 1

ShareAfter launching a new subscription model on March 28th, the New York Times has reportedly sold 100,000 digital subscriptions over the past three weeks. While this is a very positive start for the NYT, it’s possible these numbers were aided thanks to a significant discount offered to readers: 99 cents for a 4-week trial. The […]